The fantastic team behind GuavaLabs

The problem we solve

It is extremely difficult for businesses to acquire aesthetically pleasing and highly functional websites with low maintenance websites without being subdued high fees and breaking the bank.

Our mission

To build incredible websites and educate our clients along the way with regards to their business and purpose.

Our values

Forging Bulletproof Websites

Websites that are personalized, hyper-secure, which never lose their edge and excitement in each respective industry.

Always Share Worthy

Always taking into consideration the impression the customer will have and thinking "Will this WOW them so much that they HAVE to tell someone about it?"

Hyper Problem Solvers

Relentlessly on the pursuit to for apex competence to completely eradicate and provide the solution to any pain points your current website provokes.

Infinite Long-term Focus

Balancing the dichotomy of growth and sustainability of every business we interact with thanks to our team of highly diverse and experienced developers.

Got a good idea?

Reach out to us if you have an idea for a project.

Our team

Consulting Founder


Founder of GuavaLabs, Josh has built software for a diverse range of businesses for over a decade. Prior to GuavaLabs, Josh created the successful programmer educational platform, Developer Direction; in which he has trained dozens of programmers and engineers in modern coding techniques. With GuavaLabs Josh is making it easy for businesses, big or small, to market themselves through simple and functional websites.



With years of experience in software development for startups in various stages of funding as well as for established companies like africanancestry.com and Chick-Fil-A, Sam is intimately familiar with strategic ideation and development of software solutions for all stages of business growth and budget.

Consulting Founder


Self taught video editor, IT guru, software engineer, accountant, and business analyst with years of experience developing and managing technical integrations, IT projects and video promotions. A master of many disciplines with his primary discipline being discipline itself, Kyle organizes, executes and plans financial forecasts and all aspects of day-to-day operations for GuavaLabs.



A Software Engineer and Web Designer with experience designing and implementing scalable, sleek and elegant solutions that draw the eye. Alvaro leads the design team at GuavaLabs. Despite getting into the software industry later in life, Alvaro took to it like a fish to water. From website mock-ups to enterprise database design, Al can design and build it.



With years of experience in developing frontend software and libraries for Apple, Michael guides Guava Lab’s developers to create rich, detailed and seamless user experiences on our projects.

Systems Architect


With a plethora of skills in every type of cloud infrastructure, Kody is the man to turn to, when it comes to moving to the cloud. Whether it’s creating a deployment pipeline, or automatically scaling up your software, based on your business’s demands, Kody can have it automatically assembled, tested and running, where others lose runtime and drive up costs.

Senior Pen Tester


Senior Penetration Tester and Founder of Elevate Cyber that specializes in securing web applications and Active Directory. Ryan has nearly a decade of experience in offensive cyber security, working for multiple Fortune 100 companies and the US government. Additionally, Ryan consults and develops aspiring Pentesters through his Elevate Cyber programs. Capable in multiple arenas, Ryan is also skilled in programming and web development.

Software Developer


A young software developer with experience developing applications and scripts to just make life easier. Antonio is another graduate of Developer Direction, who under Josh’s guidance dove into the world of software development. Antonio has become highly skilled in a variety of new technologies, allowing him to solve almost any task handed to him. At GuavaLabs, he puts himself to the test each day, always focused on crafting and delivering the best solution to whatever problem given to him.